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Woodland Carbon Code

    The UK Woodland Carbon Code, the quality assurance standard for woodland creation projects in the UK, has joined decisiongradeiot.

    Backed by the Government, the forest industry and carbon market experts, the Code is unique in providing woodland carbon units in the UK. The Woodland Carbon Code is internationally recognised for high standards of sustainable forest management and carbon management and is endorsed by ICROA, the global umbrella body for carbon reduction and offset providers in the voluntary market. It is supported by robust science from Forest Research, independent validation and verification and a transparent registry where you can track ownership, transfer and use of credits. Pat Snowdon, Head of Economics and Woodland Carbon Code, said:

    “This voluntary code encourages a consistent approach to woodland carbon projects, and offers clarity and transparency to customers. While society must take every effort to reduce its COemissions, tree planting can also play a role by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. But before investing in such projects people want to know that schemes will actually deliver the carbon savings that they claim. Data from digital devices is something we are thinking about to enable this. Our being a part of the open data standards co-creation group will ensure consistency in new digital approaches to data collection and verification.”