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    Treeconomy, the carbon capture company, has joined decisiongradeiot.

    Treeconomy exists to combat climate change and biodiversity loss by valuing and enhancing natural capital. They are revolutionising the forest carbon offset industry via the use of remote sensing technology and an end-to-end business model. Treeconomy connects rural landowners directly to the global carbon offset market, shrinking the carbon supply chain and providing them with a new source of income from trees. Their approach offers reliability, transparency, and a strong financial incentive for responsible tree planting. Treeconomy uses satellite and LiDAR-derived data to measure a woodland’s ecosystem services, providing an additional layer of granularity to our carbon offset volume and natural capital calculations. Harry Grocott, CEO and Co-Founder, said:

    “We use high-resolution remote sensing equipment with species recognition, to provide superior accuracy and trustworthiness in quantifying the value of woodland ecosystem services and the actual carbon sequestered. We are therefore able to measure the true value of a woodland’s natural capital, beyond ascertaining the value of the carbon captured. We’re really looking forward to getting involved with the co-creation of open standardised processes for digital devices and their data measuring carbon, biodiversity and nature improvements!”