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Soil Association

    Soil Association, the charity that digs deeper to transform the way we eat, farm and care for our natural world, has joined decisiongradeiot.

    Soil Association’s mission is to help everyone understand and explore the vital relationship between the health of soil, plants, animals and people. Campaigning, educating and helping everyone to grow better together. It has a wholly-owned subsidiary Soil Association Certification Limited, the UK’s largest organic and forest management certification body. It runs Food for Life, the programme making good food the easy choice for everyone. It also oversees the Soil Association Land Trust, which acquires and maintains farmland sustainably and connects the public with land stewardship. Joseph Gridley is a new Director at the Soil Association, and said:

    “I’m responsible for a brand new initiative at the Soil Association to help farmers and foresters learn about, measure the impacts of – and be financially rewarded for – managing their land regeneratively. The Soil Association Exchange (SAX) initiative aims to create an industry-wide set of standards and tools to enable farmers to make positive environmental and social changes on their farms. We look forward to continued co-development of standardised processes for digital devices and their data with the adhocracy.”