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Peatland Code

    The Peatland Code, a voluntary certification standard for UK peatland projects, has joined decisiongradeiot.

    The Peatland Code is used by projects wishing to market the climate benefits of peatland restoration and provides assurances to voluntary carbon market buyers that the climate benefits being sold are real, quantifiable, additional and permanent. The code sets out a series of best practice requirements including a standard method for quantification of GHG benefit. Independent validation to this standard provides assurance and clarity for buyers with regards the quantity, quality of emissions reductions purchased. Recognising that carbon benefits arise for many years after the initial restoration activities are implemented, the Peatland Code also ensures the carbon benefit will be regularly measured and monitored over the lifetime of the project (minimum 30 years). Dr Renee Kirkvliet-Hermans, Peatland Code Co-ordinator, at the IUCN UK Peatland Programme, said:

    “We increasing see new digital measurement devices and their data proposed as methods for giving assurance that the climate benefits being sold from peatland restoration projects are real, quantifiable, additional and permanent. This work to develop standardised processes for digital devices is much needed to support their acceptability as trustable and credible data sources. We look forward to working together to co-develop the processes.”