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    NatureMetrics,  provider of biodiversity monitoring data, using environmental DNA (eDNA) surveys, meta barcoding and more, has joined decisiongradeiot.

    NatureMetrics’ DNA-based technologies produce robust datasets that answer critical ecological questions for a range of applications. Their services can also be combined to address complex questions about biodiversity at the ecosystem or landscape scale. Years of research and development have yielded efficient workflows centred on NatureMetrics’ core technologies: environmental DNA, barcoding, qPCR and metabarcoding. Ian Taylor, Business Development Manager, said:

    “Businesses are faced with a growing need to report on biodiversity, yet monitoring has traditionally been costly and difficult to perform at scale. We are all challenged by the need for better data on nature, whether it is for assessing the impacts of your business operations or monitoring the success of restoration efforts on biodiversity. NatureMetrics is transforming the biodiversity monitoring landscape, thanks to our cutting-edge DNA technologies, and we are pleased to join the adhocracy to co-create standardised processes for digital devices and digital data about biodiversity”.