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Lauriston Farm

    Lauriston Farm, the north-west Edinburgh urban farm, has joined decisiongradeiot.

    Edinburgh Agroecology Co-op is proposing a new vision for Lauriston Farm, transforming an existing farm into an urban food production and community hub that benefits, supports and regenerates the environment and all those connected to it. Their vision is for a large scale urban food growing project which is nature rich, and which will benefit primarily the communities that live in the local area but also the wider city into the future. They aim to address some of the issues around access to local, affordable fresh produce, environmental degradation and lack of opportunities for people in cities to gain experience in food production resulting in a greater understanding of the wider food system. Leonie Alexander, a Founding Director of Edinburgh Agroecology Co-op, said:

    “Edinburgh Agroecology Co-operative (EAC) is a Community Interest Company (CIC), newly formed for developing this project – a unique opportunity to create a large urban farm in Scotland that will be beneficial for the land and the people. The Lauriston Farm proposal stands to be one of the most exciting projects we have ever been involved with, and can be an early adopter of digital devices for measuring carbon/biodiversity/nature improvements. Open standards to ensure trustability and transparency in the data are essential to develop, and we look forward to co-creating them.”