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Federated Hermes Ltd

    Federated Hermes Ltd, the first UK institutional investor to set carbon target across their UK real estate portfolio, has joined decisiongradeiot.

    The international business is the UK’s foremost sustainable investor. They are widely recognised as a global pioneer in sustainable investment and are a founding signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment, the ‘world’s leading proponent of responsible investment’ with signatories managing more than $100 trillion of the world’s assets and representing a large proportion of global capital markets. Federated Hermes are ready and waiting to take a leading role in establishing the UK as a global leader in innovative investment in ‘nature-based solutions’ delivering both climate resilience, climate change mitigation and environmental net gain. Robert Hall – Associate Director – ESG, Impact and Innovation at the International business of Federated Hermes said:

    We very much welcome the opportunity of being a collaborative partner to this project and recognise the significant value it represents. We see this project’s aims as a critical component of the establishment of a UK market for private investment in nature, which we strongly support. By establishing open standards for digital devices and their data measuring restoration of nature, increased climate resilience and biodiversity and environmental net gain, we think that emerging nature based investment projects will be able to digitally prove with data what they are achieving”.