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FinTech Scotland

    FinTech Scotland, the Scottish fintech Cluster Management Organisation has joined decisiongradeiot.

    FinTech Scotland has been established to secure Scotland’s place as a global fintech hub. They bring together entrepreneurs, the established financial sector, the public sector, accelerators, investors, consumer groups, technology and service firms, universities and skills agencies.

    Awarded European cluster management excellence accreditation in 2020, FinTech Scotland encourages relationships between established financial services institutions and fintech firms.

    The company, working closely with its strategic partners and regulators to encourages fintech adoption in order to drive better social and economic outcomes for citizens and businesses. Executive Chair, Stephen Ingledew said:

    “This is terrific to see! Open Banking is one of the biggest global trends in financial services. There are great social and economic benefits through open banking and financial data. Imagine the environmental benefit of having more open and quality trustable data surrounding nature-based credits in the emerging voluntary carbon and biodiversity markets – we look forward to working with the consortium on this.”