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EOLAS Insight

    EOLAS Insight, a smart ecology organisation, has joined decisiongradeiot.

    EOLAS use high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery and artificial intelligence to deliver insights into land usage and animal behaviour. They use smart technologies to support ecologists, land managers, conservationists, farmers, and estate managers in looking after their part of the world and the wildlife in it. Growing out of the vibrant Scottish Space Engineering Sector, EOLAS Insight are a team of GIS specialists, data scientists, satellite data analysts and general technologists. Douglas McNeil, Managing Director said:

    “We use artificial intelligence to automatically detect animals in aerial and satellite imagery. By using wide area images, we can detect, classify and analyse not only animals but also their habitat, and their impact on landscapes they interact with. The standardised processes will help bring more integrity to the digital measurement, recording and verification of animals we do with AI, satellite and aerial data”.