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    Chavereys, Chartered Accountants advising the landed and property sectors, the energy and resource sectors, has joined decisiongradeiot.

    Chavereys advises a wide number of farming and landed businesses. They are a diverse group bound by a shared passion for the countryside and united in the belief that the rural economy is one which is critical but often overlooked. They are widely regarded as some of the best minds operating within the sector in the UK and they continue to drive innovational thinking across the sector. Their renowned Monthly Farming Update was started by Prof John Nix and is a running commentary on the industry. Offering the latest news and unique insights on the rural and farming sectors, updated on a monthly basis, the publication has a wide readership amongst farmers and professionals. Will Brandreth, lead of Chavereys consultancy services on net zero and natural capital, said:

    “As an agricultural accountancy practice, we help our clients put together their carbon and environmental data. This is predominantly for the purposes of reporting to supermarkets, net zero planning and setting science-based targets. We have an assurance role within the industry, which brings an added focus on reconciling compliance reporting with commercial credit schemes, this means we are keen to reach out and participate in initiatives that bring standardisation and quality to the measurement processes of natural capital. We look forward to working with the adhocracy”.