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    Astrosat, an earth observation company based in Scotland, has joined decisiongradeiot.

    Astrosat are bursting with innovative ideas that use space technology. They are experts in combining freely available satellite data with ground data to derive insights that enhance our understanding of challenges on Earth. By visualising this data, decision makers can make timely interventions thereby reducing the need for more costly recovery later on. Astrosat offers a wide range of Data Analysis and Visualisation consultancy services and capabilities. Andrew Fournet, Product Development and Innovation Lead at Astrosat, said:

    “Satellites capture far more information than is visible to the naked human eye. Infra-red, hyperspectral bands and SAR (synthetic aperture radar) operate well beyond the visible spectrum. ORBIS by Astrosat includes numerous data products generated from space satellite and ground data feeds. It enables users to monitor and track the wellbeing of vital natural environments to make it sustainable for future generations. We’re excited to consider how open data standards can help land managers and those who look after protected areas, and as specialists in data visualisation and analysis, we look forward to co-creating the standards.”