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    Agricarbon, the qualifiers of field carbon stock, has joined decisiongradeiot.

    Soil has the potential to act as a massive, natural carbon sink, but there’s a catch: the effects are largely hidden below ground and extremely difficult to measure. Agricarbon offers a breakthrough: a new service that quantifies soil carbon stock with the highest possible scientific integrity and is affordable to deploy at scale. Agricarbon’s new service and technology innovation is being put through its paces in a pioneering soil carbon capture project – the first of its kind in the world. The project, carried out in partnership with First Milk farms and sponsored by Nestlé, establishes a comprehensive and scientifically robust soil carbon baseline in 2021 for 40 dairy farms across the UK. Annie Leeson, Co-Founder, said:

    “We know that reliable and verified robust, scientifically-validated soil carbon data is absolutely critical. Our service includes independent, scientifically robust methodologies at all stages of the process and secures an audit trail throughout to allow the data integrity to be validated by certification bodies in future. Open standardised processes that focus on the data quality from measurement instruments and scientific processes will be very important and we look forward to contributing our ideas, experience and expertise.”