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    AECOM, the world’s premier infrastructure firm, has joined decisiongradeiot.

    AECOM’s projects span transportation, buildings, water, governments, energy and the environment. Staff are planners, designers, engineers, consultants and construction managers all driven by a common purpose to deliver a better world. They lead the industry in solving water and environmental challenges, and bring digital models to life. The Natural Capital Laboratory (NCL), set up in 2019 by AECOM and the Lifescape Project, is a unique project to do just that: a digital twin live environment for identifying, quantifying and valuing the impacts of re-wilding. Chris X. White, Senior Environmental Economist, said:

    “We’ve adopted new digital tools and techniques to track and communicate the complex data at scale, showcase the changes on the NCL site, and create solutions which help tackle two of the biggest challenges of our times: climate change and biodiversity loss. Artificial intelligence (AI), drone technology, automated robot rovers, earth observation data, GIS data and thermal imaging are tools used to increase the accuracy of tracking the live environment at the NCL and reduce the cost of the repetitive processes needed to acquire and analyse data. Open standards to ensure digital devices and their data can interoperate and prove their accuracy and quality are essential, and we look forward to working with the project to co-create and test the standards at NCL.”